Master of Sadness

Daily Oracle Card ~ The Master of Sadness.
February 25, 2022
A tear at the edge of the sage horse’s eye catches the light of infinity.
Sadness signifies it’s time to let go of a relationship, job, or perspective that no longer serves you. Tears help you release attachment to an old way of being,
rejuvenating you for the next stage of growth.
Some people are more afraid of sadness and grief than fear or anger, yet holding back those tears leads to despair and depression. Even real men need to cry. Sometimes tears express sadness, frustration, or even anger that needs to be released.
Other times tears well up when you uncover a part of yourself that was buried under all that’s logical and socially acceptable. In nature, too much sun is not a good thing.
The same with our culture’s preference for dry reasoning over feeling. Digging beneath the surface of your person is like hitting an underground spring in the desert. The water gushes up and creates an oasis for new growth. Confidence is gained by shedding those tears of recognition, authenticity, and of being touched deeply. 💚 Way of the Horse Oracle Cards