The Herd

Daily Oracle Card ~ The Herd
In equine communities, what an individual knows about, what he cares about, or what he’s calm about determines leadership, as all members have some talent, or, or experience the others value or, at times, defer to translated as sensing together consensual leadership seems to be a more appropriate term than pecking order. Humans seeking an absolute definition of leadership, and a concrete technique or job description to go with it, don’t like this concept much, but it’s not hard to fathom. And the benefits of putting it into action far outweigh the surface ambiguities.
If you propose to create an authentic community where people’s true feelings, talents, dreams, and motivations are acknowledged, you have to head in this general direction. No leader knows everything. To convince your followers otherwise is dishonest, requiring increasing levels of posturing, deception, and finally, intimidation yet it takes significant self esteem and discernment to conceive of others taking the lead now and then without letting them dominate you. Basically, you have to maintain good boundaries without feeling the need to order everyone else around or to be seen as the expert in all possible situations
Consensual leadership draws on the wisdom and sentience of the entire herd. It is, to a greater extent, improvisational.
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