Align Your Life

Daily Oracle Card ~ ALIGN YOUR LIFE
What is not aligned or needs to change?
What in your life is no longer in alignment with who you truly are? We are cyclic beings, in a constant state of change, of evolution, of growth. Change is one of the only certainties of life. When you resist your cyclic nature, you resist life and feel stuck.
Many of us have learned to be who the world wants us to be. But there comes a time when it is harder to hold onto this façade than it is to embrace who we truly are. To surrender to how we have changed and align life to that way of being.
If you pulled this card, you are being called to let go of who you once were or the things that you once defined yourself by – the job, the relationship, and the mask you wore, and to embrace who you truly are now. To courageously step into the person that you came here to be in full authenticity. To embrace your weirdness and your uniqueness.

Perhaps you have outgrown some relationships or circumstances, and it is time to reassess and bring all the parts of your life into alignment so that they are congruent with who you truly are today. 💙 Work Your Light Oracles