Starry Night. Acceptance

Daily Oracle Card ~ Starry Night. Acceptance
You know that you have a place on the planet that is unique and remarkable. Allow blessings of the creator to cascade into your being. You are so very worthy of this grace and so much more. Embrace all parts of yourself. Accept your majesty.
Sometimes, it may be challenging to fully accept yourself just as you are. Yet when you don’t honour all parts of yourself, you deny yourself a whole life experience. There are no wrong experiences… each one allows you to grow as a spiritual being.
Some people say they can never accept the dark deeds that have been done on the planet. There is no need to do so—some things are just wrong. However, you must first accept yourself in all your permeations to bring more light into the world. What you deny in yourself runs your life. The more you accept yourself, the more fulfillment and life force energy you will have.
The Spirit of the Starry Night says: Embrace your inner majesty; accept your life in all its configurations. Every moment has profound value, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Forgive yourself and others. Accept all that life has provided, and harmony will ensue. 💙 
The Sacred Forest Oracle