Daily Oracle Card ~ Promise.
Equine birth is an accelerated experience filled with moments of power, choice, and expanded awareness for mother and child. When we cultivate new beginnings in our own lives, a healthy dose of horse wisdom helps us move beyond our limitations.
Choose to nurture life without manipulating it. It is a fine line many people cross.
Horses model a balanced approach to motherhood. Nurturing and protective, the average mare watches her foal while letting her child stretch his legs, leap, rear, and run circles around her. She doesn’t direct his moves unless absolutely necessary, allowing him to feel supported by experimenting, exploring and finding his own place in the world.
She’s attentive to her child’s needs without identifying with the role of the mother. She doesn’t impose her image of perfection, her egotistical demands, or her unrealized ambitions on him.
A conscious parent is less concerned about manipulating her children than about providing an attentive, supportive space in which they can explore their own feelings, talents, and interests. 🤎 Way of the Horse Oracles