Negative Energy Reset

How are you all doing? Is life feeling bumpy and uncomfortable?

Are you struggling to stay positive? Some days are easier than others for sure!

I woke up yesterday feeling upset and wanting to cry a lot. I was also feeling obsessive over a situation that I thought I had let go of. I started second guessing myself, wondering if it was a sign that I had to change what I was doing. Was the Universe saying its time to disengage completely from a situation and walk away? The energy was foggy, messy and unclear. I meditated and it was still unclear. I went for a stomp in my pasture and it was still unclear. 

Time for an energy clearing.

I used my program to clear any Negative Directed Energy, Psychic Attacks, and Toxic Energy. I also Grounded my energy and balanced my Chakras. It was Amazing. I immediately felt lighter and no longer wanted to cry.

The situation that was stuck in my energy is no longer stuck. I feel clear and confident in my decision on how to move forward. It feels so good, and a complete change from yesterday morning. YAY!

  It also told me that Psychic Attacks were being sent my way and causing havoc. Not Cool! 

The warrior in me loves releasing and changing that energy! 

I love the results from this energy clearing program I offer.  If you wish to have a deep, personalized energy clearing and reset,  I am offering a package to ground, clear and reset you.  

We will have a conversation and then I will do the clearings.

Package Includes: 

Clearing Negative Directed Energy

Clearing Psychic Attacks

Clearing Negative Energy in Residence or Workplace or both. 

Energy Grounding 

Chakra Balancing

The Energy Clearing is $120.

Plan for a 30 Minute conversation and I will do the energy clearings later when you can be relaxed and let me do my magic for you. 

 They take me 2-3 hours depending on how much there is to clear and reset.    I will let you know when I am done. 

A personal Energy Clearing is different than the free group clearing I offer on Thursdays

due to the experience being focused on only you

 If you wish to know more about the Free Energy Clearing go to my Psychic Cowgirl Facebook page. 

If you are feeling the 6 month Pandemic Crisis Wall

this Energy Clearing and Reset will also help you through that. 

 Hugs Shannon 


If you prefer an etransfer send me a message and I will send you the information to do that.