A Hoodwinking that Created Amazing Learning

I had taken an intense class on trauma recovery and learned very briefly about an interesting astrology system. I was intrigued and used google to understand more. I read a book and wanted more. I looked for someone who offered this type of reading and reached out to connect. I wanted to have a quick phone call to see if we were in alignment.  She wanted a zoom meeting instead. It is not my first choice due to rural internet but I agreed.  It went well, except that my internet was misbehaving and may have affected my reading of her energy. I had explained how I came across this system and the archetype I was and how it resonated so deeply, I wanted more insight. She said she could do that. Cool! I asked which offering she thought I should do?  We agreed on the offering that was worded exactly like the one on her website for $111 usd.  She did not say the price and in hindsight I should have clarified.   I was excited about this, it was in my budget, so I said yes and we booked for the next day.    I mentioned that I also had another agenda that I wanted to have her as a guest on my podcast after I had time to process the reading and insights.  She was open to that idea.

I asked if I should pay on her website, and she said no she would send me an invoice.  I wanted to be clear that I was not looking for a free reading in exchange for a podcast guest spot. Although maybe I should be doing that, except if they are not in alignment with me or the way they do business is not in alignment with me, I do not wish to feel an obligation. I do receive a lot of requests to be guests.

Reading time was approaching, and I had not heard anything. I reached out, saying that I had fixed my internet issue and was ready. I was surprised that no invoice had come. I immediately heard from her, and the session went ahead. It was interesting. Quite a bit did not match, but I kept an open mind as requested.  She stated that I may not understand everything but to feel the energy and not worry about that.  OK, I found that a little odd but this is new to me so I was willing to see how it went.  I felt Ok with the reading, not excited or feeling that I had come away with some profound understanding, but I need processing and pondering time to assess fully.

I booked the guest spot for the podcast on a future date and carried on with my busy day. There were a few parts of the reading that I was concerned about and quite a bit that did not resonate.  I did not know then, but I sure do now that there are different calendars used for this type of astrology. The one I connected to so profoundly is not the one she uses. Unless she is very new at this modality, she knew that. That is disappointing, and I may have gone ahead with the reading anyway if she had explained the differences. Instead, I feel hoodwinked.

I received the invoice later, and it was double what the advertised price on her website and Facebook page with a 20% discount applied. I felt disconcerted, then thought I must have misunderstood and paid it. That was my mistake; I felt that energy of obligation.  I even thanked her. 

After tuning in to how I wanted to handle this, I asked her for clarification on her pricing model, hoping there was a good reason. I could not have her as a guest and have my people have this same experience.  I did receive a reply a day later, she agreed that it was listed on her website that way but that she thought it was a special she ran at one point and didn’t realize it was still bookable, and she should take it down. Interesting there is no offering on her website for the price she charged me. Is that why she sent the invoice, rather than me paying on her site? She stated that she should have told me or sent the invoice before the reading, which would have been beneficial since paying $222 with exchange was out of my budget. At least we could have had a conversation and come up with a mutually agreeable solution. I wanted to check her out and have her as a guest because the price point made it affordable to my Canadian as well as International Clients. Obviously, that was no longer the case. 

It got even more out of alignment; I searched up the information she shared and found most of it accessible for free on a website. I also found out then that the calendar system she used was not what I connected with. It made a lot more sense why the reading was just ok. I am not saying that she is not good at what she is doing. I am saying that what she does is not what I wanted. The reading had its good points for sure, and I feel that many people would resonate with that calendar type and benefit from the information. Not me. Also, finding a lot of the data for free energetically made being charged double with a discount feel shady.  I was very disappointed. I thought I had found a fascinating guest with insights to share with us all to have an incredible experience. I am grateful for this experience because it sent me on an adventure to learn more myself, and I will get to share that with you all.

I do appreciate the experience and the many, many levels of learning, the expected and the unexpected. She did refund the difference grudgingly even though I did not ask for her to do that ( maybe, it is still pending, not sure what that is about) since the email she sent after was supposed to be scathing but reinforced that we do business very differently.  I was taking this all as a learning experience to clarify price and get the invoice before doing the session and did not expect her to refund the difference.  I was the one who paid the invoice and I accepted that it was done.  

She could use an energy clearing since she is under the influence of some dark energy/trickster vibes. Interestingly she accused me of not being honest in the intro call because she would not have given her time for an intro call for an $111 reading. She only does those for people booking the $444 reading or more. Good to know, although the exact wording of what I was interested in came from her website and the $111 offering and was in the original email as the subject. 

 We obviously do business differently, I do intro calls all the time, no matter which service a client is interested in.  I understand that it is an energy connection and exchange and I honour that.   She also stated that she would have given me a free reading in exchange for the podcast guest spot if only I had been honest, since she has done that many times.  I am not really sure what I was dishonest about, but I do know asking for clarity and pointing out the discrepancy was not received well.    

Trickster energy can do that to you, it makes you angry and attack back to justify yourself.  I clear a lot of that energy for my clients, it can manifest as psychic attacks,  and it makes such a difference.  Less anger and frustration, more clarity and positive vibes. 

 I am not angry at her for this experience.  It does help that I have the energy clearing super power and can untangle energies for deep understandings.  It allows me to move forward with compassion for her and this experience.  I wish her all the best, and hopefully her communication with future clients has more clarity and she has changed her website offerings to reflect her actual prices.  

I will continue to explore the Mayan Astrology that intrigues me and perhaps I will connect to a practitioner that is in alignment with the calendar that I resonate with and I can share that with all of you. 

Right now I am reading books by Barbara Hand Clow and Carl Johan Calleman

Blessings to all reading this