Daily Oracle Card ~ CALLED
Soul gifts and training. It’s time to step up.
You came to Earth with a double mission: to grow as a soul and to bring about a shift in consciousness.
The best way to fulfill these personal and collective purposes is to trust what it is that your soul is calling you toward, for it’s encoded within the most direct path forward.
Your soul has many unique gifts that it came here to share. Some you may already be aware of, others you’re just beginning to uncover. You’re being called to remember that your soul intelligently chose the perfect conditions to carry out your soul’s mission and share your soul’s gifts.
If you’re being called toward a creative project, a passion, or an adventure, this card is your confirmation that you’re facing the right way and that this moment right here is destined.
If you’re feeling underprepared, or thinking Who am I to do that? this card is guiding you to step up and leap… And consider perhaps that your soul has been training for this moment, right here, for lifetimes. 💜 Starseed Oracles