Moonlight Embrace

Daily Oracle Card ~ Moonlight’s Embrace.
Keeping the heart open, the courage to be vulnerable, and Holding the sacred space of possibility. Opening the heart to life’s mysteries allows us to experience the beauty behind the pain.
Vulnerability is one of the most difficult feelings for the human ego to handle. Letting… go of our defences takes humility, awareness, and tremendous courage. To be in a situation where you feel that your heart may be ripped out of your chest at any moment, and there’s someone to catch it, that is friendship. “holding the sacred space of Possibility” Is an active form of patience unattached to outcome, allowing someone in a place of uncertainty to feel supported through the darkest night of the soul.
You have no idea who you are until you hit this state of complete vulnerability. Let alone who your true friends are. Afraid to feel anything significant, the human ego creates an intricate suit of armour that might seem brave, accomplished, and thriving on the surface.
Ultimately, however, this false sense of self is more concerned with avoiding pain than living authentically. Proud, critical, competitive, controlling, and manipulative, the persona’s compulsion to shield us from life’s inevitable challenges and surprises ultimately backfires, isolating us from the love, beauty, connection, and fulfillment we so desperately crave. Paradoxically, we must be willing to feel vulnerable to access our true power. 💜
Way of the Horse Oracles