Daily Oracle Card ~ Abundance
Wildflower Wonderland
Wildflowers are not intentionally planted; they are untamed, natural, and free. Their fragrance calls bees to pollinate them so that seeds are created to continue the cycle of life.
These kinds of natural flowers don’t try to be profuse and beautiful. They just are . . . without struggle or worry.
They are abundant without effort. profusion of a field of untamed flowers reminds you that a windfall is coming. It’s simply a matter of aligning your vibration and frequency with that which you desire to manifest.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
Everything is blossoming in life. Open yourself to receive. Abundance, fulfillment, and prosperity are ready to be activated in your life. Life desires you to prosper. You are moving toward an outpouring of money, energy, time, or love. Opportunities are limitless.
However, you must take action in the direction of your dreams. Don’t wait for abundance to fall into your lap. Take steps. Give deeply and fully—don’t hold back. 
This card reveals that this is a great time to make investments.
The more you give, with a free and open heart, the more you will receive. Be grateful for what you already have and even more will flow to you. 💛 Sacred Destiny Oracles