Daily Oracle Card ~ Relaxation
Harvest Moon
On a warm, peaceful autumn night, a gentle haze softens the light of the full moon. The songs of night birds softly emerge through the dark, against the backdrop of the sonorous outpouring of the frogs that line the lake’s shore. The stillness allows your senses to expand. You inhale the earthy dampness in the air, hear the nuances of the night sounds, look at the muted reflections of the moon in the lake, and sense the deep quietude of the night.
A full moon occurring close to the autumn equinox is called a “harvest moon.” The harvest moon symbolizes that all you have worked for is coming to fruition. In other words, you can put your feet up, relax, and let go.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
When you receive this card, relax. All is well. No need to strive or push to get ahead. Beneath the surface of life, everything is gently propelling you in the right direction. You can lay down your burdens and simply unwind. Slow down and allow calmness to fill you. When you relax and relinquish control, your intuition expands, and you create the space for your spirit guardians to help you.
Additionally, it’s vastly easier to heal and have positive outcomes in life when you are rested and not filled with worry and a need to control outcomes. Lie back, stretch out, and watch magic unfold in your life. 🧡 Sacred Destiny Oracles