Child of the Cosmos

Daily Oracle Card ~ CHILD OF THE COSMOS
The intelligence of the Universe lies within you.
There’s a mysterious force that governs all of life. An intelligence that tells flowers when to bloom and the tides and seasons when to come and go. That intelligence is within you, too. It was there before you drew your first breath and it will be there well beyond your last. It’s the part of you that informed every cell what to do when you were in your mother’s womb.
It’s harder to resist this force than it is to surrender to it. Because Earth is a planet of polarity and free will, it’s easy to forget that this intelligence exists within us. So often we become disconnected from this pulse of life and fall into the pattern of believing that we’re separate; or feeling that we need to go it alone. We can feel isolated, and as if we need to figure things out for ourselves to rely on our own strength.
You’re being called to remember the intelligence that’s within each and every one of your cells. To remember that you’re a precious child of a loving, gentle Universe. That you have access to all of the intelligence, wisdom, strength, flow, and qualities there ever were, are, or will be. And to remember that if flowers know exactly when and how to bloom, then you do too. 💙 Starseed Oracles