Healing the Heart

Daily Oracle Card ~ HEALING THE HEART
Key concepts: healing, making amends, the willingness to release past pain, being responsible and accountable, taking time to get healthy, renewal and rebirth after suffering
When you are wounded emotionally, you need time to regroup and find your center. You may have recently endured a breakup or betrayal, lost someone close to you, or lost an affiliation that you gave too much power to. 
Perhaps you’re watching someone go through a difficult time and feel bad that you can’t help them. Maybe you’re still not over a past disagreement. No matter the cause of this heartache, deep healing is called for. This happens on its own timetable and can never be rushed.
The path to healing the heart centers on reciprocity—the flow of giving and receiving. Sometimes wounding occurs because we’ve become too dependent on another, and this is accompanied by the desire to manipulate or control an outcome. 
Both wounding and healing usually begin within, not from the outer conditions of our lives. We often believe we can be wounded only by others, but we do more damage to ourselves in the self-sabotaging way we think and behave.
It is important to take steps to heal yourself and become willing to release the pain of the past, which can be tempting to revisit. It’s time to take responsibility for your part in this healing journey. Look for ways you can help yourself and others. Are you willing to make amends if needed or, conversely, accept someone where they are, without trying to influence their growth process?
Healing the heart in all aspects is your priority now. Nothing else matters. Only beauty and goodness will come as the result. 💚 Oracles of the 7 Energies