Daily Oracle Cards ~ Action
Storm Clouds Gathering
Have you ever been outdoors just before a storm? You feel energized and alive, and maybe even a little “high,” as if your body is being fed energy and vitality from the storm.
The energy in the atmosphere is building (literally), and your body can feel it. Storms are necessary to replenish and refresh the land. They can feel disruptive and dangerous, and can cause damage, but without storms the planet wouldn’t be renewed and replenished.
When you understand the deeper energy of storms and can embrace that energy within your body and your life, then you are always poised to take action when it is called for.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
A shift is coming. The time is now. Don’t hesitate. Face your fear. Do it anyway. When big change is on the horizon, it’s time to take action. Of course, there are times to deliberate and carefully consider your next step . . . but not now.
Now is the time to take immediate action. Look forward with a calm, steely gaze, and then forge ahead with clarity, determination, power, and grace.
 Quicken your spirit by making decisions now.
Even if you are not 100 percent certain of your decision, right now it’s better to make any choice than none at all. 🧡 Sacred Destiny Oracles.