Beautiful Uncaging

Key concepts: the prison of guilt, a need for self-inventory, rigorous honesty, accountability, making amends
At this time, you’re being called to assess where guilt is playing a part in your life, recognize how it’s affecting you and others, and address it so you can release yourself from its grip. Guilt is a powerful emotional state, capable of transforming difficult situations. It keeps you accountable for your actions when you’ve done something that causes harm.
However, it can also feed a self-sabotaging cycle that fosters codependency and a distorted sense of personal power. Self-blame can lead to behaviours that perpetuate low self-worth.
Have you done or said something for which you need to make amends? Have you disregarded a boundary or broken a promise? Guilt can make you aware of potential ways you have been given injury and show you how to redress the transgression. When you sincerely admit you are wrong and begin the process to fix it, this is an act of accountability, responsibility, and liberation.
Take a moment now to consider when you have harmed others or yourself. This knowledge will free you from the story you tell about it so you’re able to connect with truthful remorse.
Now is the time for rigorous honesty as you take a self-inventory with a neutral state of mind. A good question to ask yourself now is why the guilt is there. You might be taking on a burden that is not even yours to carry. Pay attention, take action, and uncage yourself from the prison of your own making. 💖 Oracles of the 7 Energies