Baby Steps

Daily Oracle Card ~ BABY STEPS
Action. Follow your intuition before it makes sense.
You’re being called to take grounded action in response to your soul’s calling. To start where you are and begin building in a consistent way.
So many people stop themselves from living a soul-led life because they’re waiting to know the destination before taking the first step. But intuition doesn’t work like that. Our soul is always calling us every moment of every day.
The way to find yourself living in harmony with the cosmos is to listen to your soul’s baby calls and whispers each and every day, and to take grounded action in the direction of those calls and whispers.
You’re being encouraged to start small. Bite-sized. To put one foot in front of the other. To do one thing every day. To break things down into achievable tasks.
Time on Earth goes slower than on other planets. This may cause frustration for Starseeds, who can expect a faster pace of manifestation and thus give up before the seeds begin to sprout. If you resonate with that, it’s time to opt for consistency over urgency.
Time to take baby steps in the direction of your calling. To remember that you don’t need to have it all figured out or know exactly where the path is leading you.
You don’t have to know every single step along the way before you set out on your great journey.
You just need to take the next step 
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