Dolphin Spirit

Daily Oracle Card ~ DOLPHIN SPIRIT
This and that are true
Oracle Message: Dolphin Spirit, like her earthly manifestation, is a reminder of duality. As the dolphin is both mammal and sea creature, so too is Dolphin Spirit both “this” and “that.”
Two truths co-exist: the story you tell and another as well. The duality of life is present when we are suffering, for there is a blessing, too, in the helpers that appear.
Within clouds are silver linings; when we later reflect on what happened, we can see that a situation was both this and that and a choice led to both joy and sorrow.
No relationship is either all good or all bad, and people have qualities of both light and shadow.
Focus on the positive, for light exists alongside the darkness.
Dolphin Spirit calls for you to come up from below and enjoy a weightless moment in the sun as you dive in and out of this and then that, accepting and even enjoying the duality of life.
Why not join Dolphin Spirit in acknowledging and affirming the blessings present in this moment? In all areas of your life, there are aspects of both “this” and “that.” Today you can celebrate this fact and recognize the complexity and the beauty of the fabric of the universe.
You are at a place right now where your past self is still present as you move toward the new self you are becoming. Aspects of both selves are present, so even if you want to say good-bye to what was, you are required to find solace in this “between time.”
Today is not a day to choose one over another either, but rather to accept things as they are without judgment or resistance. Even in matters of the heart, duality is present. Your next action will be obvious when you drop your bias and see things as a whole. 💙 Spirit Animal Oracles