Dragon. Power.



Dragon. Power

You’ve fallen asleep on the forest floor. The night was cold as you snuggled into some leaves, yet you felt warm and comfortable as you slept. In the early morning, you stretch and open your eyes to find a dragon has lovingly wrapped himself around you in the night. He opens his eyes and looks at you with compassion and kindness and you know that all is well.


This card suggests it’s time to step into your power and take charge of your life. Look to see if there is anyone in your life who is trying to run the show. Speak your truth and take back authority of your own life. You’re ready to stand in your strength. If you’ve lost or given away your authority to someone or something else, it’s now time to reclaim it. If you’re holding on to limiting beliefs-or if you are afraid of being shunned, judged, or ostracized-it’s time to let go of those limitations.


Release any fear of misusing your gifts. True strength doesn’t dominate or manipulate; it’s a gift from the creator that dwells within you. You have this spiritual power that’s born of sacred love, wisdom, and grace. This ability can heal others and bring light into the darkness. You are a radiant, glorious being!


Dragon spirit at your side is a mighty ally. He empowers you with healing and restorative abilities. He helps you overcome any obstacle and he protects you in all areas of your life.

 The Spirit of the Dragon says: within you dwells the remarkable power to manifest your dreams, gain great riches, and activate ancient wisdom. Take back your power and express your strength with grace. The Sacred Forest Oracles