Daily Oracle Card ~ Miracles
February 15, 2022
Double Rainbow
After the storm, the rainbow appears. No matter where we are, the instant a rainbow splashes across the sky, we usually stop and stand in awe. Some say that rainbows are messages from the Creator; others say that they are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum phenomenon.
But no matter the explanation for their existence, rainbows have struck awe in the hearts and souls of many through time. Many traditions believe that rainbows are blessings from the Creator—a double rainbow is double the blessings.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
The storms of the past are passing, and your dreams are coming true! No matter what has happened in the past, your future holds abounding miracles.
Good fortune, celestial beauty, and inner divinity are expanding within you. Believe that your life is guided. Trust in the goodness of the Universe.
A celestial bridge to the heavens is opening for you. Start a health program, invest in your career, or initiate a relationship, and good fortune will manifest.
Blessings are flowing in all directions. Believe that you deserve the best . . . because you do. Bounty, joy, blessings, and miracles are flowing your way.💜 Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards