You’ve Got the Love

Daily Oracle Card ~ YOU GOT THE LOVE
Hadarian energy. Codependency. Boundaries.
The Hadarians are believed to be beacons of pure, divine, unconditional love who see love in all people and situations. As a result, they can find it hard to have boundaried, interdependent, healthy relationships because they only see the unconditional nature of those they meet.
The lovers of the cosmos, they dive in fast. They’re here to learn how to love while in a separate body. To learn to love self first and then establish healthy relationships with others. To remember that the love they seek is already within them. That they truly do have the love all on their own.
The message of this card is to review the ways you may need to establish healthier boundaries. Perhaps you’re in a codependent relationship in which you may be losing your sense of self. It’s common for Starseeds to dive deep into relationships, particularly with those who feel safe and familiar at a soul level.
Perhaps you’re in a relationship in which you give more than you receive. Or perhaps there’s a certain volatility to it and you’re always unsure where you stand. This card is a sign to do a relationship review and see what energetic agreements you’ve made, consciously or unconsciously. To acknowledge if there are relationships in which you feel anxious or powerless. In which you don’t feel like it’s safe to relax and just be you. To assess if there are any places of inadequacy that you’ve used a relationship to soothe and cover up. 💜 Starseed Oracles