Close to Shore

Daily Oracle Card ~ Close to Shore.
What you’ve loved, or at least have become accustomed to, is coming to an end. Still, in the transition to the next phase of life or work will be slow enough to let you appreciate where you’ve been and allow you to fully and consciously activate the wisdom you’ve gleaned from past experience.
A new life is calling, but the form it will take needs to be clarified. In the meantime, the challenge is to stay in a job, a relationship, a barn, or a body you’ve outgrown, yet avoid becoming frustrated or manipulative.
The crossroads represent those places where the unknown intersects with the known, where unconscious, undefined potential rises up to challenge and eventually transforms into a bright and comfortable state of consciousness.
Here you’re asked to surrender your ego to a higher calling that involves a certain amount of trust in a future you cannot fully predict or comprehend.
The crossroads is all about letting go of a situation or belief you’re ready to evolve beyond while staying present with and supportive of those you will someday leave behind.
When you’re no longer invested in the status quo, you become detached from the day-to-day dramas your associates find so engrossing and confusing.
And with this detachment comes the ability to mentor others through that unique combination of compassion and discernment associated with the crone. Let go and let the Universe work its magic on your behalf. 💙 Way of the Horse Oracles