Waking the Lion

Daily Oracle Card ~ WAKING THE LION
Key concepts: boldness, the courage to move forward even without knowing the way, facing that which is difficult or painful, the audacity to step into the unknown
Regardless of the outer conditions right now, you can’t wait for your fear to lessen before you move forward. In fact, despite the chaos and seeming disarray, you must be bold. Whatever your trepidation, act as if you have a deep trust that all will be well.
Nothing is promised to you, but you will never truly see magic if you don’t take the risk, come to the edge of certainty in your life, and leap into the unknown. You have no guarantee of immediate success. Still, you must summon your bravery in the face of possible pain, failure, or even success, and own your power. The act of making this leap, no matter the final outcome, awakens the lion within. Be proud of who you are and who you are becoming. No one can take this away from you.
What type of courage is called for today? Only you know, and only you have the power to choose your path. Know that it takes just as much strength and bravery to love and be vulnerable as it does to confront a personal challenge or physical obstacle. So call on your strength and stand your ground . . . or consciously
temper your emotional reactions, do nothing, and trust in your partnership with the Divine. Whatever your choice, you will not fail as long as you act with courage and integrity. 🧡 
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