Daily Oracle Card ~ AKASHA
Your guidance is divinely guided.
Akasha exists in the fifth dimension and the Iibrary of souls. All soul contracts, history, gifts, lessons, and more exist here. We each have access to this information of the past, present, and future, and can tap into it at any time.
While we have freewill, there are also points on the timeline of our lives that are predestined or preplanned – soul contracts or agreements that were made before incarnating. It could be a company you chose to work for, a relationship you planned to have, or a person you agreed to mentor or help. Whatever it is, know that it is divinely guided and will not bypass you.
If you are waiting for a sign to proceed, this card is it. You are likely living out an important part of your soul’s journey and you are exactly where you need to be. This is very exciting indeed.
It is time to call in the support of your helpers – both in the physical realm and the spirit world. To trust the signs coming. To take note of your dreams. To notice any feelings or visions that you receive, for you are tapping into the wisdom of the Akasha and you are being given the go-ahead to proceed. 💜 Work Your Light Oracles