Whale and Oraca Elders

Share your song. Frequency of sound. Diving deep.
The Whale and Orca Elders are benevolent cosmic beings here to anchor a frequency of love onto the planet. To harmonize it with their song. As they weave around the oceans, they do so much more than any of us know. Their physical presence affects Earth’s magnetic field and their harmonics call us to wake up and remember our own soul’s song.
Looking into the eye of a whale is something you’ll never forget. Whales see into your very being, and in an instant, you’re changed forever. They see beyond the physical, the woundings, the identity, the personality, and the story.
They see right into your soul.
If you pull this card, you’re being called to surrender to your deepest truth and share it with potency. To bow to who you truly are. To stretch your heart wide enough to hold it all. To leave your fears, doubts, and baggage at the door. To question any part of you that doesn’t feel good enough.
The Whale and Orca Elders want you to give others the privilege of seeing who you truly are and for you to see the same in other beings. To drop your hang-ups and personality flaws and get busy revealing the unique note your soul came here to sing.
Allow the song that echoes in the four chambers of your heart to emanate in all four directions. Peel back the layers of suffering and pain and reveal to others your soul’s true song. And endeavor to see the soul of all those you meet. Starseed Oracles