Unconditional Love

I had the honour of connecting with a crossed over loved one for someone recently. This loved one was brutally murdered. Which I did not know prior to the reading. Which was a good thing. One of the conditions I put on my gift is that I never want to “see” bad things, as in people dying or being severely hurt. Because I know that I cannot stop it if it is one of their experiences they chose to have at a soul level, I do not want to have the responsibility of knowing.

There is a consequence of that, I do not see anything similar. A friend whose son was in a car accident once lashed out at me” if you are so psychic why did you not see that coming.” ouch! That was a lot of years ago and has stuck with me. She probably does not even remember. I accept the terms of my condition. It is a reminder that there are consequences for our choices which are neither good nor bad, they simply are.

Back to the reading, if I had known the details I may have resisted connecting. The Universe is great that way, I did not hear or read or come across any details of this incident. That was not part of the plan since I was to connect and do a reading. Interesting, right?
What was the most amazing part of the reading was the crossed over Spirit is so incredibly loving, has no animosity or outrage about what happened. This Spirit knew that this was the way it was to be played out, and let us know the reason or purpose behind the events would reveal themselves later on. Like a puzzle piece in a big picture. There was nothing anyone could do or say to stop the events.

Unlike how Spirits are portrayed in movies, she is not hunting revenge or wanting vengeance for what happened. She is concerned for all her loved ones and will visit them in dreams when they are ready, and they will feel the whisper of breezes she will use to hug them. Amazing, isn’t it? There are really no words to describe the energy of this Spirit. The best I can come up with are: a loving wrap you in a hug that sends sparkly energies of calm and strength to everyone.

When the person whom I was reading for told me what happened, I was in shock. It was good I was already connected to her friend, since I had to have a few minutes to process, but it was easy when the Spirit I was connected to had no negative energies what so ever. I really was able to see and appreciate what happens when we die. All the details that were so important while we are here on earth, are no longer so. There is no attachment to outcomes, there is only love, beautiful unconditional love so amazing that it is even hard to wrap our human minds around it.

I do think it was this Spirit who made sure that I knew nothing of the details of her crossing over, so that I could connect to her and give her messages to her pal. Pretty amazing!

Reinforces why I love this gift of connection I have. The challenges that come with it are worth it.

lots of hugs

Shannon…..and friends.

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  1. Susan Smith

    I never thought about having conditions on our gifts. I have a question regarding that. Could you have put the conditions on it before realizing you had the gift? Years ago I said “If I were ever psychic I don’t want to see dead people.” Well, I don’t see them I hear them. I guess I’m wondering if that was my putting a condition on my own gift? I almost now wish I had not put that condition on there if I did because my sister can see but she can’t hear them.

    1. Shannon Laackmann

      Hi Susan
      it is interesting that you stated that. was there a specific reason? you absolutely put a condition on how you wanted to connect. we are more powerful than we realize. you can release that, but you may find that you hear and see them. is that what you want?

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