The Seven Star Sisters

Birthing creations. Tapestry of life. Expression.
There are new creations that want to be born. Beauty that’s yearning to be woven. New consciousness that’s longing to be breathed into life. If you draw this card you’re being called to surrender to these creations to usher in a new era of consciousness and do your bit in weaving the web of life.
This is the card of the artist and the midwife. You’re being called to ponder questions: What wants to be birthed through you? What new creations are whispering in your ear? What beauty are you being called to make?
Creativity and intuition come from the same sacred place. They occur when we find ourselves flowing with the rest of life. Earth is renowned as a planet of manifestation and creativity and yet so many of us have forgotten how to create.
Somewhere along the way we stopped seeing ourselves as artists, as creatives, as poets… Yet to be human is to be creative. Creativity is part of your true nature.
Perhaps you’re being called to surrender to a creative project, such as a new business or a book. Or perhaps you’re being called to weave beauty in your home or in the way you cook. Regardless of the end result you’re being called to express yourself through your creativity.
To surrender to the creative projects that both scare and excite you. To find a way to weave beauty back into everyday life. For where there’s creativity, spirit and soul are present. And the world needs those qualities more now than ever before.💜 Starseed Oracles