Daily Oracle Card ~ LILITH. Independence
Empowerment Message:
The Jewish goddess Lilith refused to be dominated by the first man and, as a result, was called a demon in the stories about her that followed. These inaccurate and damaging stories are so old and repeated so often that no one recognizes how pervasive their implications are. 
Lilith offers this lesson from another perspective: No one can prevent you from fully blooming, learning all you can, or evolving and choosing freedom. Only your conditioned thinking can do that. Be proud, be accountable, claim your power and hold it wisely.
You are in an excellent position to attract healthy, interdependent, collaborative relationships that truly serve the highest good. Friendships flourish with mutual respect and support. Love relationships bloom with ample space for both parties to grow. Business ventures thrive in service to the greater good.
The goddess Lilith wants to show you how to claim healthy self-worth and self-respect by refusing to let your old stories keep you down. You will be amazed at how deep, meaningful, and respectful your experience becomes in all areas of your life when you make choices from a place of empowered independence. Goddess Power Oracles