Green Tara. Salvation

Daily Oracle Card ~ GREEN TARA. Salvation
Empowerment Message:
The Divine has intended you into being and given you the assignment to explore life through certain perceived limitations. 
You are meant to learn about life and all its complexities, especially learning about how to be in community with others. Green Tara, a Tibetan goddess also known as “she who Saves,” says that you will never be alone in life’s journey.
This compassionate saviour goddess of intimate friendship will ensure that the right people will show up for you at the right time.
Green Tara reminds you that your needs will always be met; you don’t need to know the “how,” as that is her domain. 
You just need to trust, and the goddess Green Tara will use her magic on your behalf. 
You are safe and secure and always in the care of the Divine. 💚 Goddess Power Oracles