Black Horse Wisdom

Daily Oracle Card ~ Black Horse Wisdom.
What appears to your conscious mind as darkness is simply the unknown, a fruitful yet formidable realm of untapped possibility. Dancing with uncertainty raises your confidence–and artistry–in collaborating with the great mysteries of life.
Learning to ride the energy of what can’t be explained involves courage, creativity, and well-honed instincts. Losing your balance now and then, even wandering off course, is part of the skill, and the thrill of moving beyond what civilization has already mapped through reason, language, and social protocol.
The black horse may be associated with evil knights and renegades but remember Zorro who rode a magnificent black steed and was acting on behalf of repressed populations, reclaiming freedom and dignity form a corrupt, narcissistic regime. And so it is whenever we are forced to face what the ego is quick to reject as “the shadow” .
The shadow is essentially a catchall for what we’ve suppressed through social conditioning. The ordinary, mundane characteristics are the norm, Anything less than this goes into the shadow.
Black horse wisdom challenges us to step off the well-worn paths of civilized thought.
It is the wisdom shrouded in mystery, wisdom that’s felt more deeply than it can ever be explained, the wisdom we often, unfortunately, ignore, until some difficulty in life opens us up to other possibilities.
Our shadow sides are simply treasures hidden in the darkness. 💙 
Way of the Horse Oracles