Daily Oracle Card ~ISIS
Empowerment Message:
The process of soul retrieval, resurrection, and rebirth is the theme recurrent through the stories of the Egyptian goddess Isis, and one that she invites you to address now. This is a powerful moment to see some of what you thought you’d lost go through a process of regeneration to live again!
Like magic, the pieces of you that were considered lost in old wounds and stories are ready to be reclaimed in a healthier, more mature version. Where you were hopeless, now there is hope; where you lost faith, you have the capacity for even more now; where there was inequity and injustice, now you can see a better way; where you were abandoned, now you can choose you.
You are ready to face these parts of yourself and to gather them together as you step into a newer, more powerful version of yourself, your work, your relationships, and your creativity.
Have courage!
Let go of blame, claim your accountability, and then co-create something better.
You can do this! The goddess Isis has come to help you
as a potent supporter of your growth. 💜
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