Daily Oracle Card ~ Truth
Song of the Wind
Wind is in the realm of the air elements, one of the four elements of life (air, water, fire, and earth). Air takes form in the oxygen we breathe as well as in breezes and zephyrs.
It also represents our communication skills. When we speak, it is the air that passes through our mouths that allows us to speak and communicate. Wind is also prana, the source of life.
As you communicate your truth to yourself and others, you’ll find new energy and vitality emerging within your life.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
Be honest with yourself and speak from your heart. Find your truth. Listen for what is sincere and honest in others. One of the most difficult things to know is what’s true for you and what isn’t.
Sometimes it takes sincere silence to find your inner voice of truth, but once you find it, let go of anything in your life that isn’t authentic.
Share your truth with others. Release relationships in which you can’t be yourself and can’t be real.
Being genuine can allow your spirit to fly and the song of your soul to be heard in the Universe. 💚 Sacred Destiny Oracles