Daily Oracle Card ~ Power
Mountain Thunder
Like the fist of God thrusting up toward the heavens, the stark, ragged mountain holds firm as thunderbolts crash down on all sides. The sound is deafening as it echoes from mountain peak to mountain peak. Mountains represent strength, power, and permanence, as well as being a potent symbol for attaining spiritual heights, as they extend into the sky toward the heavens. Thunder and lightning traditionally represent surging power, enlightenment, and revelations of divine matters.
Thunder ignites our deeper self and activates our primal and deep emotions. Together, the mountain and thunder symbolize immense power, vitality, and strength.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
This is your time! This is the time to claim your power and step into your potential. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be without fear.
You might feel uncertain, but do it anyway. Be courageous. Let the world hear your voice. Take a stand. Stand up for yourself and for others. Share your passion. Teach from the heart.
Write, and your words will have great meaning. Hold your body as if you are incredibly valiant, noble, and brave . . . after all, you are. 💙 Sacred Destiny Oracles