The Seas of Mintaka

Daily Oracle Card ~ THE SEAS OF MINTAKA
Seeing potential. Bringing unconsciousness to light.
Mintaka is thought to have been a water-based planet containing the most crystal-clear waters you could ever imagine. So clear that you could see or miles and miles underwater.
The Seas of Mintaka card represents this crystalline clarity of potential and possibility. It’s about the ability and choice to see the potential in all people and situations. This could be one of your natural traits, or it could be a sign that what you’re currently doing has great potential.
Mintakans are thought to have been a galactic race who saw the light in everything and everyone.
You may have received this card as confirmation that a situation or project has extreme potential and will reach fruition. If it appears in a spread, it’s a very positive sign that things are working out for the highest potential of all involved.
It’s a very uplifting, light-filled card that brings great harmony, contentment, and positive outcomes.
According to Carl Jung, ‘that which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our life as fate.’ When water appears in dreams and art, it often represents the unconscious mind.
Pulling this card also means you may be called to bring to light any unconscious patterns of which you’re unaware. To look at them and see them clearly and consciously so they don’t appear in your life as fate.
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