The Land Between

Daily Oracle Card ~ THE LAND BETWEEN
Key concepts: being between worlds, learning to be okay while at the threshold of what was and what will be, a time of waiting and evolving gray areas, something essential yet still in development, metamorphosis
You’re in a process of change. You know that you were called to it and can no longer be who you were, but you aren’t sure what the next experience of your life will be. You are in between what was and what could be, in a “pupal” stage, like during the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly. However, you can’t just skip the messy parts; you have to endure the unknown and uncomfortable as you reinvent yourself.
The thing is, you’re not quite there yet. You have one foot in the past, even if you’re ready to shed that version of yourself and become something new. You must start redefining who you are in the context of your question. What do you believe is possible when you get to the next place? Can you explore this stage of your evolution to get to know yourself better?
The process in between worlds is where things get really interesting. You learn how to manage your fear, how to stay present in the now, how to see in the dark. You absorb the lessons offered to you with grace, because you can’t go any faster. This is a real test of emotional fortitude, patience, trust, and humility.
Once you have made this no-man’s-land your home, it will be part of you. Then whatever was set in motion comes to life. This is what you’ve been waiting for. When you look back, you will grow to love the place “in between,” for that is where you were reborn. 💙 Oracles of the 7 Energies