Soul Connection

Are you connected to your Soul?

I follow Master Chunyi Lin, who posted the following: 

Everyone has a soul, and everyone has a spirit. The soul is something incorruptible, ever-pure. The perfect expression of unconditional love, it’s something very close to the divine.
But the spirit is different; it’s something that can be colored by our life-experiences.
You can have an aggressive, dominant spirit, or a gentle and mild spirit. You can have a generous and forgiving spirit, or a cruel and spiteful spirit. You might call your spirit an overall energetic expression of what you present to the world – and the state of your body, your mind, your emotions, and the quality of all your life-experiences help to shape it.
This got me to pondering.
  It makes sense to me energetically. 
 The good part is that the spirit can have a transformation
if you cultivate awareness and
are willing to put in the time and effort to shift the energies. 
Through meditation and mindfulness we can understand ourselves and work on continuous connections to our soul wisdom. 
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