Destiny Reading




A destiny reading will answer these questions:

What is your Karmic Path, or What are you here to learn or experience?

What is a big challenge you have to deal with in your life?

What is the fulfillment or reward for overcoming this challenge?

Insights for understanding and moving forward in a positive, hopeful direction in your life.

This reading will be written out for you and emailed to read as often as you wish.

A Brief Example:

My karmic path is empowerment. I am here to learn how to unlock the sources of power within. I must learn to utilize my inner resources to use my personal power.

Biggest challenge:  Overcoming memories of suffering at the hands of early oppressors.

Fulfillment:  Having cultivated self-worth, I will share that energy and insights with others to empower them to do the same.

Insights: The energy favours the development of magic powers for me. I have a knack for raising animals, and I have extraordinary intuition and must follow it for undertakings to go well.   I am a warrior and dreamer with a strong personality. The core lesson I am here to work on is embracing myself with self-love and self-respect.   The goal is to come to believe in my own strength and personal power. I will encounter conflicts; it is my destiny to encounter others who will attempt to assert their power or authority over me or manipulate or suppress me in some fashion.

Approaching myself with understanding self-compassion, applying my great insight into seeing my strengths and accepting myself go a long way to self-empowerment and navigating my karmic path.

Once I and all the individuals on this karmic path have become empowered through self-love and self-acceptance, they can begin to harness their enormous potential.   There will be no stopping us.  🥰


If you wish to have a destiny reading, let me know.

I will call you to get some details and so I can tune in to read your energy to unlock your destiny reading at its full potential. Hugs! Shannon