Sacred Reverence


Daily Oracle Card ~ SACRED REVERENCE
Key concepts: awe for the truth that Spirit is everywhere, inspiration coming through you as a result of reverence, joyful living, exploring possibilities with curiosity, spiritual passion, manifesting from the starting point of the realm of Spirit
Looking at the world, do you see all of life or only a limited part? When you look at a blade of grass, do you see just a plant? When you encounter a puppy, do you see just an animal? While this categorizing is one way of viewing the world, it is only a fraction of the truth. It isn’t enough. Look closer, and you’ll observe the luminosity immanent in these living, sentient beings. If you can allow yourself to take in all the world, including its spirit, then you see the whole.
Reverence is an act of deep witnessing, respect, and awe. You experience it when you perceive every being and everything—every plant, rock, and tree—as sacred and alive. You naturally lean into a state of bliss and harmony, and a profound sense of well-being.
Whatever your dilemma or question, try to reframe your perspective to acknowledge the spiritual. If everything has value, including your most frustrating challenges,
would you still ask your question from the same place?
Can you regard the “other” as sacred, thereby erasing the separation between you? Embracing the perfection of how you came together is real magic, and you are tapping into this unity right now. No matter who or what is in front of you, see that person or thing as luminous and your interaction as holy. Then you will know what to do for the highest good of all. 💜 Oracles of the 7 Energies