Daily Oracle Card ~ Courage
Rocky Seashore
The waves crash again and again on the rugged, rocky shore.
And yet these ancient rocks face each storm with strength and fortitude.
They are strong beyond measure. When the waves are gentle, they stand strong;
and when the great storms arrive, they remain strong. They never falter. This card signifies that an enduring, everlasting, passionate courage, in the depth of your being, is arising.
There is nothing that you can’t confront and face. You are a warrior of the light.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
Step forward, throw your shoulders back, and stand up for yourself with passion.
Speak up for those less fortunate. Be impeccable in all your actions.
This isn’t the time to be timid and pull back.
Don’t be limited by the beliefs of others. Use your passion to make a difference.
Courage doesn’t mean that you aren’t afraid.
Fearless means “fear less.” Acknowledge your fear and take action anyway.
Make a stand.
You are strong and powerful, and have great valor within you. 💙 Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards