Language of Breath



Language of the breath, As the horse’s breath moves out from her body, so does the wisdom of her heart. when you use your entire body as an organ of perception, you embrace the world and sense your place in it more deeply.

The idea that we are separate beings is an illusion. Managing the contagious nature of thought and emotion is difficult when your head is at war with your heart

Emotion, as it turns out, is a richly nuanced language, sending information between the heart, the gut, and the brain. Feelings also become contagious as they travel beyond the body through the electromagnetic field, profoundly affecting others.

People who’ve been conditioned to dissociate from the body and concentrate on what someone’s saying miss huge amounts of information transmitted through these other channels.

Yet when you use your entire body as a sensing device, promoting your heart from mechanical pump to intelligent organ of perception, you become aware of vast amounts of information most two-legged creatures ignore. compared with the average human being, you’re psychic.

Horses routinely send and receive emotion as a gut-level sensitivity. From their perspective, no emotion is good or bad; it’s simply information. 💜 Way of the Horse Oracles