Rasa Dance

Daily Oracle Card ~ Rasa Dance.
A swirl of energy connects two beings dancing in spontaneous flow. Freed from the limitations of species, roles, and expectations, they move in timeless communication where thought becomes form and open hearts lead to the dance.
Here’s where you combine all the pieces, new concepts and conventional methods fuse and expand, creating unexpected possibilities. Authenticity in action draws on responsiveness, assertiveness, discernment, physical collection, mental and emotional agility, fluidity of consciousness, imagination, nonverbal communication, subtle-body awareness, intuition, consensual leadership, and the paradox between boundaries and oneness.
When two beings move in synchrony, a greater consciousness arises it, a feeling of ecstasy. Can you stay present and focused during these moments of intense joy? Can you accept the gift of expanded awareness without becoming addicted to it? If the next moment offers frustrations, indecision, conflict, performance anxiety, or miscommunication, can you dance with that, too?
We can open our conditioned bodies to a whole new world of sensory and extrasensory awareness. to make it all worthwhile, however, we must ultimately live in this expanded universe, learning to act and feel simultaneously.
Dancing becomes the metaphor for leading without dominating, learning to follow someone else without losing your balance or your boundaries- and, at some point, upping the ante to fluidly trade leads in true partnership. 💙 Way of the Horse Oracles