Daily Oracle Card ~ MIRROR
February 14, 2022
Who or what is triggering you?
The filter of our own experience is how we experience life 90 percent of the time. Through our own projections. When someone reminds us of an unhealed experience, we get triggered. Often, it’s an unconscious thing.
People and situations can trigger our mirrors to reflect back to us what we believe to be true about life, the Universe, and ourselves. Mirrors pointing to our shadow and our light. Mirrors revealing the parts of us that are yet to be accepted, witnessed, or loved.
This card is guiding you to look closely at what experiences or people are currently triggering in you and what they could be mirroring back to you. When have you felt like this before? Could they be opportunities to heal something in you? Or are they shining a light on something that longs to be witnessed in you?
This goes for the good and the bad. The good: Those who we admire and put on a pedestal. If we do not realize that we are attracted to them because we are like them, we will need to cut them down in order to rise to their level. The bad: Those we despise, are envious of, and put down. If we do not realize that they trigger something in us then it is still yet to be healed, and we will remain hurt and wounded ourselves. 💜 Work Your Light Oracles