In a Silent Way

Daily Oracle Card ~ In a silent way.
From the barn to the boardroom, flamboyant alpha-style leaders are promoted as a force of nature. But imagining an alternative may be easier than you think; just put yourself in the horse’s place.
Which herd mate would you choose to follow: the one who chases you away from the hay pile or the one who leads you to water and lets you drink?
The most effective leader relinquishes the ambition to master others in favour of mastering themselves.
One of the most troublesome misconceptions people have when they engage in an authentic community involves the idea that previously hidden feelings, opinions, or impulses are suddenly fair game for unbridled expression. But the initial high of mutual freedom can quickly plunge into hurtful exchanges that might very well be called “catfights” if they are not offered in the spirit of Authenticity.
Patience and evenness of mind is the sign of a mature, well-balanced individual who stays centred when others become reactive, who sets reasonable boundaries without ordering everyone else around, and whose clarity, composure, and poise are downright contagious. Way of the Horse Oracles