Flavourful Futures

Daily Oracle Card ~Flavorful Futures
Yum Yum. Your future looks delicious.
This isn’t just about reciting affirmations for the future.
This is about you having a big shift in consciousness that creates a better tomorrow.
Sure, an attitude of gratitude helps. But you are learning to move energy around for positive results. Just be yourself, allowing your psychic abilities to flourish and doing self-care sets the stage for a positive future. If you’re still in the mood to visualize…perhaps you might build a vision board with pictures of fun stuff and events.
Maybe you conduct a ceremony calling in divine
surprises by lighting candles and dancing.
Spirit obeys and commands.
This is looking ahead to see beauty and calm in any storm.
Your ego may see the future as a war zone or barren wasteland.
But your higher self sees it as a bucket full of multi-flavoured jelly beans that are sweet, delicious, and full of surprises.
You’re creating a wonderful future by listening to the divine today. Now take time to stop and imagine the possibilities. Reach into the barrel and grab some! Yum Yum, let’s have some flavorful futures.
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