Daily  Oracle Card~ RHEA


Empowerment Message:

Do you notice how when you’re in alignment with the universe everything in your life just seems to flow? The Greek goddess Rhea, whose very name means flow and ease, comes to let you know that you’re entering such a time. 

While the flow state is not permanent for most people, it’s a beautiful feeling that allows you to lose yourself in the rhythm. It’s as if you’re traveling down a magic stream where ideas and insights pour through you from a vast source of information that is gifted to you.

The way to ensure you remain in this beautiful energy as long as you can is to observe your life with relaxed attention, listening to the guidance presented to you as you move forward without restraint or fixed ideas.

 You can enter a flow state anytime you’re willing to release your expectations. It requires trust, and the goddess Rhea ensures your boat will never capsize as you move from a slow stream to a rapid river. 💛 Goddess Power Oracles