Double Mission

Daily Oracle Card ~ DOUBLE MISSION
Lightworker Starseed. Serve the world by being you.
Lightworker Starseeds are mission and purpose-oriented. Many have the feeling that time’s running out and there’s something they came here to do, create, or contribute. They’re here to grow as souls individually (individual mission) and also to contribute to the planet in some action-oriented way (collective mission).
Their collective mission is often answered through a career ‘calling’ or by devoting their life to something bigger. Until they remember their collective mission, it can feel as if something’s missing or that they’re forgetting something important.
It’s common for Lightworker Starseeds to feel that they’re ‘different,’ and they may carry soul memories of being visible or sharing their voice. As such, they may protect themselves by dimming their light in order to fit in or by spending time in some sort of closet, such as a spiritual closet.
If you pull this card you’re being called to remember your collective mission and step into it even more fully. You’re being reminded that your role as a Lightworker is to light up the world with your presence.
This doesn’t have to be a great big thing or a decision you need to make. You also don’t need to have a great big plan. If you resonate with being a Lightworker, all you need to do is work out what lights you up (your passions and joys) and keep doing that.
When you trust and follow the simple path of things that light you up, and then lose yourself in the doing, you’ll light up the world without even trying. 💜 Starseed Oracles
How can you serve the world by being you?