Ears Wide Open

Daily Oracle Card ~ EARS WIDE OPEN
Key concepts: deep listening as a gift we give to others, understanding someone else’s needs, showing focused attention, tuning in to another and letting go of the ego’s need to be heard
The world is constantly speaking to us and offering clues about what is really going on beneath the surface of things. We all have the capacity to hear beyond the noise that reaches our ears. The challenge is when we feel misunderstood and unheard. When we feel insignificant, it’s easy to overexplain ourselves in an attempt to get acknowledged.
Now is the time to let all that go. Offer your attention as the great gift it is. It’s time to stop multitasking, checking your phone, thinking of what you’re going to say next, and doing all the other things that keep you from connecting fully.
Whenever we are in a state of chaos and distraction, paying attention to only some of what is being said, we lose the ability to pick up on everything—including that which is not being said. Deep listening is the way in which we immerse ourselves in the truth of the world. In this way, with ears wide open, we also open our hearts and minds to understand more than what is conveyed through words alone.
Opportunities arise from the subtle cues we miss when we are not 100 percent present.
Purposeful, open listening is an act of true respect and intimacy. When you are in this space of receptivity, letting go of the need to be heard or to be right, you become expansive and alert to meaningful potential. Right now, keep your ears wide open, and you will find more than you were searching for. 💚 Oracles of the 7 Energies