Maat. Truth

Daily Oracle Card ~ MA’AT. Truth
Empowerment Message:
There is great power in telling the truth and allowing it to lead you to higher ground. It’s only when we refuse to see the reality of a situation that we lose our power to co-create for the highest good.
The Egyptian goddess Ma’at comes to remind you that if you are willing to do a fearless self-inventory and live authentically, with rigorous honesty, it will lead you to great success in all areas of your life. Being completely transparent with others, although it might at first feel too vulnerable, is exactly what you need to do now. When you do this, you will be flooded with the power to claim and experience a new freedom and a new happiness that will pour over your life like wild, sweet honey.
Your life is exactly where it needs to be. This is a wonderful time of empowered choice-making. You are doing all the right things if you follow the invitation of Ma’at to live fearlessly in truth. As the arbiter of balance and divine order, she reminds you of the great value of this way of being. 💛 Goddess Power Oracles