Daily Oracle Card ~ Willow Spirit. Flexibility
At the edge of the forest pond grows a large Willow. Her branches dip lightly into the waters. Her dangling leaves whisper across the water in lazy designs. As the wind prizes, her elegant boughs sway to 2 and fro like a Mystic dancer.
This card encourages you to be flexible in your life. Be willing to bend and even to yield. There is power in doing this as a choice rather than a forfeit of your will.
Even though there are times to stand strong, sometimes the more extraordinary valour is to go around a situation rather than face it head-on.
By being adaptable, you can succeed, as someone who is more rigid may not. A strong oak tree may break in rough winds, while the Willow can bend without snapping. Adjust to life rather than fight it. Surrender to the process.
There are many legends regarding the Willow tree. It often has associations with gods and goddesses, such as Hecate, Artemis, and Mercury. In ancient Athens, it was the practice of the priests of Asclepius to place Willow branches in their temples in the belief that it would draw mystical healing.
As the Willow can weather storms, you too can weather life challenges.
The Willow was also sacred to poets, for the sound of the wind through the Willow was thought to influence poetic expression. The Willow has always been known as a tree of dreaming, inspiration, and enchantment in Celtic traditions.
The Spirit of the Willow says: Be flexible in your life. Be willing to bend rather than break. Be amenable to change, and you will flourish in wondrous ways. 💚 Sacred Forest Oracles