Badger Spirit

Daily Oracle Card ~ BADGER SPIRIT
Be fearless and bold
Protection Message: When Badger Spirit comes to protect you, he reminds you that anger or aggression, argumentative behavior, and being pushy or manipulative will not result in a positive outcome.
Perhaps someone close to you has excess Badger energy, or perhaps that energy is pent-up in you. Either way, now is the time to calm down and allow the energy to pass through you. Go for a hike or brisk walk, shake it off, or dance it out so you can return to the situation determined and committed, but not so intense that you overwhelm others and yourself.
The appearance of Badger Spirit also serves as a reminder if you have been relentlessly pursuing something that keeps eluding you. The message is that it’s time to surrender it up to your Higher Power and focus on something else.
Badger Spirit wants to protect you from self-will run rampant—from being obsessed with getting what you want in the form you prefer, in timing that fits perfectly with your notions of what has to be.
Remember, the world doesn’t revolve around your wants. Better, more beautiful opportunities will be the result when you release some of that Badger Spirit intensity along with your need to have it your way one hundred percent. 💙
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