A Story About a Bull

My energy was all jumpy this evening so I decided it was time for a walk. Great idea, although there is still that small issue of the really, really grumpy bull who really, really wants to be out with the cows but we really, really do not want calves born in snowstorms. So, I walk way around his area. He still gives me that grumpy look, but it is from a large distance and steel fences in between us so I am ok with that. Or so I thought.

I was sauntering along, and my horses came racing over to see what I was up to, funny how that never happens when I wish to catch one. All this time I am keeping an eye on Mr. Grumpy growly pants bull (kids named him that) as I was nearing the gate to my favorite walking place, a pretty forest of trees, I hear clanging. Hmmmm….. Mr. Growls a lot is trying to leap over a steel fence, fortunately he did not make it. Unfortunately he keeps trying. I stop to ponder. If he makes an escape, my nice quiet walk in my favorite enchanted forest is right where he is going to go on his way to the cows. Hmmmm…. Do I want to be up there and hear this awful growling mooing coming at me because he once again has managed to escape and have the sh*t scared out of me, or do I want to head back to the house now? Well, I watched him make another attempt and I jogged~ that’s right jogged, back to the house.

I was not very happy. All fun and games but this bull is really starting to p*ss me off. He is interfering with my exercise and meditation program, and I really do not have much of an inclination to exercise so this is BIG interference. I stomped into the house and said to my husband, Ok this bull has to go soon!! I do not know if he is going to be able to stay around to do his job. He is either going to break a leg or other parts trying to leap steel fences (apparently he thinks he has super powers) or he is going to hurt someone with his bad attitude. So what are we going to do. Well, my husband in his calmness says I would really like to keep him around for breeding and then we will sell him. I was not thrilled.

Then husband says but if he does get out of this pen, I am out of options so he will have to go. I said Ok, I can live with that. It is up to the Universe (hee hee) if he escapes he is getting sold. I then had the urge to step outside and watch the bull pace around his pen. I called out to my dear husband to join me and said look at him, he is determined to get out. Right then we heard a big big crash of fences breaking. Yup, you guessed it, he got out yet again. Had a few mouthfuls of grass and headed up into my enchanted pasture on his way to the ladies bellowing all the way. I know for a fact that I would have freaked out if I was enjoying my forest and heard him coming. Would have totally channeled my inner cat and been up in a tree sooooo fast!!!! Thank goodness for intuitive messages. BTW the fence that was between me and him was the one he crashed. So Mr. Grumpy growly pants is on his way to the next sale and on to his next purpose~ perhaps a hot dog or a hamburger or a buffet near you. Enjoy! (and I may or may not have sent out the intention that he escape again soon. I am not admitting to anything ;))